Advantages of Designer Shingles

Unique. Your home will look different than all of the neighboring houses around. Choosing the correct designer shingle from your home will complement the facade, exterior trim and even the landscaping Most designer shingles simulate the look of wood shakes or slate tile. This often requires that the manufacturer add additional layers to each shingle. This additional thickness provides three-dimensional depth, as well as extra weight. The weight of these shingles provides wind resistance superior to that of standard shingles.

These designer shingles are an easy choice when evaluating your options. The hard part is choosing a contractor competent enough to install these luxury shingles. The appropriate installation techniques will ensure you receive the maximum manufacturer's warranty, as well as get the intended lifespan of your particular designer shingle. This is where we can help! We offer design and consultation services that range from finding your contractor to providing all of the architectural details for each designer shingle.
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